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Policy for the Digitization of Collections

Policy for the Digitization of Collections

Policy for Digitization of Collections



This policy is intended to guide the digitization of collections in the University Libraries as well as provide information to potential collaboration partners both on-campus and external to Seton Hall University.


A proposal to digitize collections materials must meet the following criteria:

  • It is non-duplicative of previously digitized materials (except in the case of content or resources for which local control of final product is sufficiently important to justify the possibility of duplication)
  • The University owns the copyright to the item(s) or it can be demonstrated that rights issues have been addressed
  • Condition of the original permits digitization without risk to the original’s artefactual value
  • Appropriate metadata exists or there is a plan in place to produce it.
  • Needed equipment and technical capability are in place and available or part of a proposed or approved funding plan
  • An appropriate delivery system exists or a plan is in place to provide it


Selection criteria:


The following factors will be considered when evaluating proposals to digitize or enhance digital access:


Content or resources that

  • Forms part of the University Archives
  • Are officially part of the records of the Archdiocese of Newark
  • Is at risk of being lost due to poor condition to obsolete media format
  • Falls within the Library’s stewardship responsibility
  • Has institutional significance
  • Is of particular local or regional value


The extent to which the proposed activity

  • Supports institutional goal or high-priority programs
  • Would add to institutional distinctiveness and recognition
  • Would make new uses possible
  • Provides a strategic opportunity for library innovation and learning
  • Provides a strategic opportunity for library partnership or collaboration
  • Contributes to an existing digital collection, brings together materials in different formats or repositories, links previously isolated titles, or creates an entirely new collection


Scope of the Policy for Digitization of Collections

  • Locally-digitized or Seton Hall University contracted-digitized resources
  • Library and University born digital resources
  • Acquired resources that are locally hosted and/or served
  • Resources for which the Library is responsible for one or more of the following critical functions: metadata, archiving, curation, access, or discovery


Not in scope for the Policy for Digitization of Collections

The following are not covered by this policy

  • Purchased or licensed resources that are hosted by vendor/publisher and for which the Library provides mainly metadata
  • Freely available content hosted elsewhere, and requiring only routine cataloging or other description for access using online cataloging and EDS, Worldcat Local, or Worldcat Discovery for discovery
  • Files that are being held as a dark archive
  • Non-database format bibliographies
  • Library’s website
  • TLTC resources
  • Faculty learning objects
  • Library learning objects
  • Materials created by digitization on demand


Adapted from (with permission)