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Group Study Room Policy

Group Study Room Policy

Group Study Room Policy


1. Only Seton Hall students, faculty and employees holding their own valid Seton Hall University identification card may use the group study rooms. You must have two members of your group who provide their Seton Hall University identification cards present to sign out a group study room. Absolutely no switching of identification cards.

2. Group study rooms are available for 6 hour periods only, per group. Rooms may not be renewed except if at the time of renewal there are group study rooms available and there is no waiting list. The key can then be checked out for an additional period of up to 6 hours.  

3. Group study rooms may be used by two or more individuals, not to exceed 8 individuals. There must be at least two members of the group present at all times.

4. A group study room key will be checked out to the responsible person’s account. The key is the responsibility of the individual signing for the room and is subject to a lost key replacement fee of $75.00.

5. The group study room key must be returned on the same day, at the due time indicated. There is a 10 minute grace period for returning the key. The late fee is $3.00 for every 15 minutes ($12.00 per hour) for each student. The room is for same day use only.

6.  An individual adult may not occupy group study rooms with small children for the sole reason of keeping the children under control.

7. No defacing of University property. The individual signing for the room will be responsible for all damage to University property and is subject to the cost of cleaning and repair, and disciplinary action. The responsible individual should inspect the room and report any pre-existing damage to the circulation desk staff immediately. Any unreported damage found would be your responsibility.

8. No food or beverages, except water, is allowed. If food or beverages are discovered the offender is subject to a $10 fine for the first offense, $25 for subsequent offenses and Group Study Room privileges will be revoked.

9. No smoking or burning of candles. Offenders are subject to a $25 fine and ejection from the premises.

10. No cell phone usage, loud noise, or music allowed.

11. No inappropriate behavior.

12. Do not leave the room unattended. Remember -- you are the responsible party.

13. Do not leave belongings unattended. The University is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.

14. We will not accept reservations or requests for group study rooms to be held. The rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.

15. Requests must be made in person and if a room is available the request will be honored.

16. Furniture may not be rearranged, nor chairs brought into or removed from group study rooms, and blinds should not be raised.

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