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Library Guests Rules

Library Guests/Visitors Rules

I. The University’s mask requirement – that all individuals wear a mask at all indoor, nonresidential settings – continues to be in place until further notice. Masks must be worn by visitors and guests at all times while in the library.

II. Food is not permitted in the library, but covered drinks and water bottles are allowed.

Library guests, visitors, and members of the community are allowed in-person access to the library, provided that upon entering the library:

  • they observe I - II (above);
  • they obtain a visitor’s pass at the circulation desk (to be worn visibly at all times while in the library);
  • they sign in the Visitor’s Book;
  • they understand that there is no guest computer access to computers during Fall Semester 2021.


Updated November 8, 2019

Updated August 20, 2020

Updated July 23, 2021

Updated September 7, 2021