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Interlibrary loan policy

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary loan is intended to broaden access to materials for SHU researchers by borrowing items from other libraries.

I. Interlibrary Loan is available to the following patrons:

  • Faculty, emeriti, seminarians, staff and administrators at SHU
  • Currently enrolled SHU students
  • Currently enrolled online SHU students
    • Online (distance) or off-campus students have the same access to the same interlibrary loan services as currently enrolled on-campus students. Please contact the interim Head of Access Services, Assistant Dean Sebastian Derry ( for assistance with borrowing material from SHU Libraries' collections, or from other libraries.


II. Seton Hall University Library will not borrow or lend the following materials via interlibrary loan, except at the discretion of a subject librarian:

  • Reference or Reserve Books
  • Whole issues or volumes of current periodicals
  • Books in heavy use
  • CDs and other audio/visual materials
  • E-books

III. The library will not loan materials in special collections.

IV. Please note the following limitations:

  • Up to 20 interlibrary loan requests per week may be submitted
  • Before submitting a request, please check to determine whether the material is already available in the SHU Library's collections.
  • Specific articles from journals may be requested. Requests for several articles from the same issue of a journal may represent a substantial portion of the publication and may be subject to agreed-upon Fair Use guidelines.

V. Charges:

  • Patrons are not charged for normal wear and tear on library materials. However, the following conditions do not constitute normal wear and tear and may result in repair or replacement charges (charges are determined based on the particular circumstances of each case):
    • Wet or moldy books
    • Books damaged by food stains, oily or sticky residue
    • Books missing pages or covers
    • Books containing marking by pencil, ink or highlight marker
    • Books showing tears, cuts, graffiti or other unusual damage
  • Charges incurred for books and photocopies borrowed by SHU will be subsidized by the University Libraries for up to $20 per transaction.
  • Charges in excess of $20 per transaction will be the responsibility of the SHU patron. Patrons will be advised of potential charges and asked whether (s)he wishes to proceed with the transactions.
  • All fines incurred for overdue, lost or damaged ILL books will be paid by the SHU patron. The fine rate for overdue ILL books is $1.00 a day.