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Open Access and More

For SHU librarians for now, a place to keep track of open access resources and other useful information

Sherpa Romeo

RoMEO contains publishers' general policies on self-archiving of journal articles and certain conference series. Each entry provides a summary of the publisher's policy, including what version of an article can be deposited, where it can be deposited, and any conditions that are attached to that deposit.RoMEO is part of SHERPA Services based at the University of Nottingham

Sherpa Juliet

 JULIET complements the RoMEO service by providing summaries of funding agencies' conditions on self archiving of research publications and data. JULIET maintains research funders archiving mandates and open access policies, including data archiving policies and statistical analysis for worldwide funders' policies. JULIET examines researcher funders' mandate on open access to the results of the research. The database gives a quick summary of different funders' policies, compares the details of policies between different funding agencies, and provides information on what to archive, where to archive, and when to archive to comply with these requirements.

Recent Publications

Lisa M. Rose-Wiles. "The High Cost of Science Journals: A Case Study and Discussion" the Journal of Electronic Resource Librarianship 23.3 (2011): 219-241.

Digital Scholarship Publications Overview

Transforming Scholarly Publishing through Open Access: A Bibliography.  Charles W. Bailey