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Locating Business Data

On this page, you will find a selection of databases and websites that will provide you with company data, industry data, and demographic data. For a complete list of business databases use the following link: Seton Hall University Libraries A-Z Databases

Are you unsure of which data source to use? Book an appointment with your Business and Data Librarian, Kayla Glynn.

Company Data

You can start with exploring a company's website. Often scrolling to the bottom and clicking on "About Us" or "Investor Relations" is a good starting point. Keep in mind that the company publishes this information so there is a potential for bias. Meaning that unfavorable news might not be reported or reported with a positive spin. To get a more comprehensive viewpoint it is important to consult several sources, including the databases below.

Industry Data

Industry research will allow you to better understand:

  • The products and services provided
  • How the industry is performing
  • What the major companies are
  • Important financial data
  • How external forces alter business

North American Classification System (NAICS) codes are useful for industry research. Find the appropriate code vis the US Census Bureau and use it to search within databases:

You can search for the 2022 NAICS code by keyword. Example: coffee shop = 722515

Demographic Data

Web Data Resources