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English Research Guide: Starting Your Research

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Starting Your Research Using Books

One of the best ways to begin a research project is to browse through the library shelves. English literature and books of English literary criticism are all found on the fourth floor. PR1-9680 is the call number range where these books are held. PS1-3626 is call number for American literature and literary criticism Some useful call numbers are:

PR125-(138.5) Relations to other literatures and countries
PR161-488 By period
PR421-(429) Elizabethan era (1550-1640)
PR431-(439) 17th century
PR500-614 Poetry
PR521-614 By period
PR621-744 Drama
PR641-744 By period
PR750-890 Prose
PR767-818 By periodPR1110 Special classes of authors
PR1119-1151 By period
PR1170-1228 Poetry
PR1241-1273 Drama
PR1281-1309 Prose (General)
PR1321-1329 Oratory
PR1330 Diaries
PR1341-1349 Letters
PR1361-1369 Essays





1-3576  American literature
126-138 Biography, memoirs, letters, etc.
147-152 Women authors
163-173 Treatment of special subjects, classes
185-22 By period
185-195 17th/18th century
201-21. 19th century
221-228 20th century
241-286 Special regions, states, etc
241-255 North
261-267 South
271-285 West and Central
301-325 Poetry
330-352 Drama
360-379 Prose
370-379 Prose fiction
400-408 Oratory
409 Diaries
410-418 Letters
420-428 Essays
430-438 Wit and humor, satire
451-478 Folk literature
490 Juvenile literature (general)
501-688 Collections of American literature
530-536.2 By period