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Sports History & Academics

Welcome to the Seton Hall University Libraries Research Guide. Since the nature of athletics exploration is varied, this is not a comprehensive list of resources, but rather a starting point on your personal path to discovery.

Reference Works

As you begin your research your results may include such items as encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries and yearbooks.  These items provide an excellent introduction to a topic and may help you focus and narrow your research.  These resoruces exists as physical books in the Library and as online resources.

You may wish to start with the Encyclopedia Britannica

The Oxford English Dictionary provides excellent definitions

Reference works in Walsh Library

Some examples of reference works:

Resources in the Walsh Library in the Reference collection*:

Cassell's Chronology of World History: Dates, Events and Ideas That Made HistoryD11 .W635 2005 

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World. D205 .O94 2008

Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and CultureDS33 .C63 2000

Encyclopedia of African History and Culture  DT20 .E53 2005

The Oxford encyclopedia of the Islamic world  DS35.53 .O96 2009


*The Reference section of the library is located on the 2nd or Main Floor.  Items from this section do not circulate and must be consulted in the Library.

These are only some of the resources available in Walsh Library as introductory works.  Do a search of the Library Catalog to see what else you discover!

Reference works in the databases

Online reference works:

History reference works available through Credo Reference:

You may also wish to look at the Social Science works in Credo Reference.


Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopediaabcalc2003

Andromeda Encyclopedic Dictionary of World Historyandedwh

Biographical Dictionary of Modern Egyptbdmodegypt

Black Firstsblackfirsts

Chambers Dictionary of World Historychambdictwh

The Companion to British History, Routledgeroutcbh

Concise Atlas of World History, Andromedaandawh

Dictionary of British Historymhbh2002

A Dictionary of Contemporary History - 1945 to the presentbkchist

The Encyclopaedia of the Renaissancemheren

Encyclopedia of African Historyroutafricanhistory

Encyclopedia of Emancipation and Abolition in the Transatlantic Worldsharpeeman2007

Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society & Cultureroutmex1998

Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformersabcwsr2001

The Encyclopedia of World Historyhmencyclwh

Encyclopedia of World Trade From Ancient Times to the Presentsharpewt2005

Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760-1850routromanticera

A Guide to the Ancient World, H.W. Wilsongttaw

The Hutchinson Chronology of World Historyheliconcwh2010

Immigration and Asylum from 1900 to Presentabcmigrate2005

Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical Worldhupla1999

The Macquarie Encyclopedia of Australian Eventsmacevents

Mexico: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Culture and Historyabcmexico2004

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Houghton Mifflinhmndcl

Propaganda and Mass Persuasion: A Historical Encyclopedia, 1500 to the Presentabcprop2003

The Reader's Companion to Military Historyrcmh

Reader's Guide to British Historyroutbrithistory

Ships of the World, Houghton Mifflinshipheads

Thames & Hudson Dictionary of the Italian Renaissance, Thethir

The Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia of Waleswaencywales2008

Who Was Who at Waterloo: A Biography of the Battlepearsonwwww2007

Who's Who in Ancient Egypt, Routledgeroutwwae

Who's Who in Gay and Lesbian History, Routledgeroutgayandles

Who's Who in The Roman World, Routledgeroutwwromwor

Women in the Middle Ages: An Encyclopediaabcwma2004

World Politics Since 1945