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Sports History & Academics

Welcome to the Seton Hall University Libraries Research Guide. Since the nature of athletics exploration is varied, this is not a comprehensive list of resources, but rather a starting point on your personal path to discovery.

Quick Links

Seton Hall Libraries (new library website!)

Worldcat Local (online library catalog)

Department of History at SHU

Archives & Special Collections Center

Databases - for SHU only

The most useful databases for History (SHU restricted) are:

Historical Abstracts This database provides searching by subject, keyword, and author, as well as other ways of searching.

Project Muse

JSTOR  JSTOR is a journal archive more than a database and as such does not allow for subject searching.  It does have excellent resources searchable by keyword, author and title.  Use the limits to narrow your search to a mangeable size.

For Medieval and Renaissance Studies: Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages & Renaissance

Other Useful databases are:

You might also find the Opposing viewpoints resource center useful, especially for current issues.

 If you are off campus, you may need to access these through the library's database page. and log-in when prompted.

See the full list of SHU History Databases