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Introduction to Zotero

From a Library Database

While the University Libraries have subscribed to many academic databases and the functionality can vary a bit, all have some way to save a citation directly from the resource record.  One typical spot is on the side with other useful tools as seen on the right.

When I click the Cite tool, I am given the option below to Export to Biographic Management Software:

Example of a link that states "Export to Bibliographic Management Software (EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, RefWorks, BibTeX, etc.)

The Export Manager will display many options, choose the RIS Format (note that Zotero is listed to make the choice clearer).

Example of Export Manager with a prompt to "Save citations to a file formatted for: Direct Export in RIS Format, General Bibliographic Management Software, and Citations in XML format."

Choose Save, and the first time you will see the box below asking a) Do you want to export to Zotero and b) do you want it to export automatically to Zotero in the future.

Prompt that states: "Do you want to import items from "" into Zoltero?  You can disable automatic RIS/Refer import in the Zotero preferences.

The article is then stored within Zotero with all the required citation elements as well as a permanent link should a user wish to revisit it. Example of a list of articles stored within Zotero.

Storing Content from the Web

To store content to the Web, simply click the document icon next to the Zotero Z:

A file icon highlighted next to a Zotero icon on a Windows Taskbar.

It will give you the option to "Save to Zotero as a Webpage"