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Introduction to Zotero

Step One: Exporting

On the left of the main menu, chose Reference and then Export

Example of Refworks website with "References - > Export highlighted"

Next, choose BibTeX - RefWorks ID from the drop down menu.  Be sure to choose "all in list" to capture all references.

Aprompt asking to select an Export Format "BibTeX - RefWorks ID is selected"

The export will create a page like the one below.  Save it as a text file from the File menu in your browser.

Step Two: Importing

Next, choose the Import option from the Zotero gear icon:

Example where the user has selected the "Gear" icon in Zotero and is selecting "Import"

When you import the saved .txt file from your computer, you citations will be instantly added to a new folder with the name of your text file:

Exporting is Easy

Please note, that when you export your references, it will seem like a long web page of text, but you then simply need to save that file to your computer as .txt, and it can be imported to Zotero.