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Data Visualization Tools for Business Students

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a largely free business intelligence offering that is available via a desktop application or via s cloud-based service.  The product easy to use and well supported with regular feature additions. 

The desktop application can be downloaded by following this link --> link to Power Bi desktop application, and sign up for the cloud-based version link to cloud-based version of Power Bi.

Power BI accepts most data formats including Excel, CSV, Access, SQL server and others.  Once the data is loaded, users build charts and graphs by defining the axes, legends, filters and values measured.  The application recommends various chart types, and will suggest required dimensions.   When users click on a any given measure, the detail of the data depicted is noted.

Level: Medium

Interactivity: Yes

Cost: Free

Citations: Not Provided

Map of the world with graphic overlays