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Data Visualization Tools for Business Students

Excel for Charts & Graphs

Excel is the workhorse of basic business analytics. Most large data sets are in excel or excel-compatible formats, and once running in the program, users can easily manipulate and visualize the data. 

Creating graphs and charts is as easy as choosing the data within the spreadsheet you want to include, and choosing "Charts" from the "Insert" Menu. A full guide to customizing Excel charts is available from Microsoft Full guide to customizing Excel charts.


Chart of Pet Care Spending Trends by Geographic Region.  North America and, to a lesser extent, Western Europe, far outspend any other regions

Research Sources:

  1. Pet Care: Euromonitor from trade sources/national statistics

PowerMap: An Excel Plug-in

PowerMap is a plug in available to all Excel 2013 and later.   It can be found in the "Insert" menu.  If you do not see it, there is a guide to ensuring it is enabled here.

Excel "Insert" Toolbar with "Map" highlighted

For any Excel data set with feographic tags, PowerMap offers quick and easy geographic mapping capabilities.  The created maps are customizable, and the application will even create a video of a moving "tour".

Map of the UK