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Signature Sheet Requirements

Two signature sheets must be submitted with your dissertation, thesis, or final project. Both signature sheets will follow the structure in the image below. There are two critical differences with each sheet, however.

  1. One signature sheet will be unsigned. This sheet will be in your dissertation, thesis, or final project. 
  2. The other signature sheet will be signed. This one will be submitted separately to the eRepository as "Additional Content".

Very importantly, please note that signatures on the signed sheet must be written in either ink or digital ink (i.e. with a stylus or finger on a touchscreen computer or tablet). Typed out signatures are not acceptable and new signatures will be requested. This can slow down the acceptance process significantly, so please make sure your advisor and committee members provide the appropriate signatures.

See below for the structure of the signature sheets.

From: Office of the Provost
Sent: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 4:05 PM
Subject: Supplemental University Requirements for Doctoral Graduates

The signature sheet requires some structure and formality. The official format that all schools and departments must follow includes:

  1. Seton Hall University

  2. Name of school

  3. Name of department

  4. Candidate name

  5. Statement that candidate has successfully defended and completed their dissertation/thesis

  6. Type of degree (Ph.D., Ed.D.)

  7. Semester and year

  8. Typed names of committee members

  9. Signatures of committee members

  10. Date of signatures


sample signature sheet


Dr. John Buschman
Dean of University Libraries