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Dissertations and Theses Services

How to Submit Your Dissertation, Thesis, or Final Project

Before Proceeding, Read the Following Carefully

  • Did you conduct research with human subjects? If so, make sure you contacted SHU's Institutional Review Board (IRB) to receive all proper paperwork necessary to submit your paper. Note that this process must occur before you start your research. 
  • Did you use materials that you did not create in your dissertation, thesis, or scholarly project? This can include research instruments (surveys, interview questions, etc.), images, figures and tables, etc. If so, did you receive written permission to use and/or reproduce those materials? 
    • Any written permission received must be documented and submitted as "Additional Content" to the eRepository and as Permission Documentation to ProQuest.
    • Read the Copyright and Permissions Guide or contact if you have any questions on copyright or permissions.
  • It is not unusual to be asked to address certain issues in your dissertation, thesis, or final project. Most frequently, revision requests involve citations, copyright, IRB, and formatting. However, it's important to note that the librarians are not editors. We will not provide edits that pertain to content, grammar, writing, or spelling.

Interested in more help? Check out this recording of one of our Walsh Workshops titled "How to Submit Your Thesis or Dissertation". The recording can be found here: Walsh Workshops: How to Submit Your Thesis or Dissertation Workshop 11-29-23.mp4

Please note that you must sign-in with your SHU credentials to access the video.

Future workshops can be found through the Libraries' calendar here: Upcoming Library Workshops.


Ready to Submit to the eRepository?

Your first place will be the eRepository. All students, regardless of your program, submit to the eRepository. To do so successfully, please follow these steps:

  • Pay the $40 processing fee.
  • Make an account for the eRepository.
  • Make sure your front matter pages are in the following order:
  • The signed signature sheet must be uploaded to the eRepository as an "Additional File" at the bottom of the submission form.
    • Departments may have their own signature sheets, so check with your advisor. If they do not, download and use the template provided.
  • Any copyright permissions you received must also be submitted as an "Additional File".
  • Your name on the title page, copyright page, and in the repository submission must be exactly the same.
  • Your advisor's name and committee members' names must be the same on your title page, the signature sheets, and in the repository submission. 
  • Include an abstract (up to 500 words).
  • On the bottom of the abstract's page, include a list of keywords (10 maximum), separated by commas.
  • Submit the final approved copy of your dissertation with all of the above in PDF format and complete the submission form.
  • Keep a close eye on your email inbox. That is where you will receive revision request information as well as confirmation that your work has been published to the repository.

Click on the blue button below to submit to the eRepository.

Submit your Dissertation to eRepository button


Ready to Submit to ProQuest?

Note that only students submitting doctoral dissertations and DNP projects need to submit to ProQuest. 

You can only submit to ProQuest after you received the email confirmation from the eRepository that your dissertation or final project has been accepted and published. Submitting before receiving that confirmation will not expedite the process.

When you are approved and ready to submit to ProQuest, please do the following:

  • Create a profile through ProQuest
  • Note that submissions to the eRepository can result in revision requests from the Libraries. Make sure the document you submit to the ProQuest is the version that was approved for publication in the repository.
  • Do not download the dissertation/project that was posted to the eRepository and submit that to ProQuest. The repository automatically generates a unique title page for your dissertation or final project, which will have to be removed if you download and submit that same document to ProQuest.
  • Copyright permissions do not have to be submitted to ProQuest, as the Library already has them with your repository submission.
  • Keep a close eye on your email inbox. That is where you will receive revision request information as well as confirmation that your work has been published to ProQuest.

Click on the blue button below to submit to ProQuest.

Submit your Dissertation to ProQuest