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How to Read Library Ebooks

This guide offers suggestions on how to access and read library subscribed or purchased ebooks.

EBSCO Ebook Interface

EBSCO ebook subscription includes over 400,000 titles. Here are tips for reading ebooks from EBSCO interface. See Screenshot 1 on the right:

a.    Click “PDF Full Text” link to download chapter by chapter to read in any PDF reader
b.    It is not recommended to use “Full Download” as the first option because it requires to download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to open the whole ebook and the rented ebook will expire in 7 or 14 days.




Ebook providers may set different limits for printing ebook pages per copyright restriction for different titles. It is necessary to read the print limit for each book. See Screenshot 2 on the right.

Screenshot 1
Ebook screenshot 1

Screenshot 2
Ebook screenshot highlighting publisher permissions and eBook availability.