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How to Read Library Ebooks

This guide offers suggestions on how to access and read library subscribed or purchased ebooks.

ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook subscription includes over 400,000 titles and has its own unique interface. Take a look at Screenshots 1-3 on the right:

a.    This ebook limits downloading 4 pages per use (Screenshot 1). Therefore, the best way read this ebook is to click on “Reading Online.” The good news is that online reading of ProQuest ebooks is relatively easy to move pages back and forth.
b.    If you choose to “Download Book,” you need to have Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed on your desktop or laptop. You will follow your screen prompts to continue and you will download a small file with acsm extension (Screenshot 2). Click on this small acsm file (2kb) to activate ADE to open the whole book but this rented ebook will expire depending on the length of days you select in the downloading process (Screenshot 3).

Screenshot 1

Image of book listing with arrows pointing to "Read online," “Download book,” and "Download PDF chapter".

Screenshot 2

Image of downloads folder pointing to the eBook file to select.

Screenshot 3

eBook file with arrow pointing to Adobe Digital Editions.