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Political Science

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Getting Started

Political science and public affairs encompass a wide range of study.  As you begin your research, think about what topic(s) you are searching and which categories they correspond to: Criminal Justice, Culture and Society, Economic Issues, Education, Environment, Government Operations, Health, Social Welfare, World: Foreign Affairs and National Security. You may also want to review the United Nations and Public Administration Guides. Find the links to these Guides in the profile box on the left side of this page.
Use the catalog to help narrow down your search terms to a topic and a subtopic, such as france -- politics and government.  Are you looking for a particular time period or political figure?  Ask yourself questions.  It is just as important to figure out what information you do NOT need as well as the information you DO need.

Featured Resources

Interlibrary Loan

If you need a resource that University Libraries does not subscribe to, we can help.  Articles are ordered through our ILLIAD system and are often available free of charge within 24 hours.  A pdf will be deposited in your library account. Go to ILLIAD to order an article.