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Research Data Services

How to write a data management plan?

Data Management Planning & Tools

Data Management Plans (DMPs) clarifies what a researcher is going to do with their data during and after the research is concluded. DMPs usually include a description of:

  • the types of data that will be created
  • the standards and metadata that will be used with the data
  • how these data will be accessed and shared
  • policies and provisions for the reuse of the data
  • plans for the long term archiving of the data

To aid researchers in creating effective data management plans (DMPs), a group of organizations collaborated on the development of the DMPTool, an online application that helps researchers create data management plans. The DMPTool provides detailed guidance and links to general and institutional resources and walks a researcher through the process of generating a comprehensive plan tailored to specific DMP requirements.

For further information see Data Management General Guidance

Funder requirements and example DMP plans

Please see review the data management requirements from funders  and example plans, before getting started.

After your Research

Publishing, sharing and disseminating your data requires careful consideration of issues around data sensitivity and privacy, copyright, and documentation. By depositing your data in a repository you are guaranteed a reliable place to archive the products of your research, making it easy to preserve and disseminate your scholarship for years to come.

  • Share and publish your data with the 
  • Consultations on depositing data in appropriate data archives and repositories
  • Guidance on any additional data documentation that might be required before archiving