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Diplomacy Books on Reserve

These are books held on reserve for the Diplomacy department

Course Reserves are Available

What are Course Reserves?

A professor can request that an item be placed on course reserve for students. It may be a required textbook or a recommended reading for class. "Course reserve" or "on reserve" means there is a copy of the book held in the library that students can access for their studies. If the book is at the circulation desk, you can check it out for 3 hours. 


Why are there books on this list that aren't for my class? Fair question! We complied this list of items on reserve by department. That way you can just look up the department and see if an item is on reserve. You don't have to do it for each course code, and we don't always know all the courses a book might be used for. 


Only items that faculty members have requested to be placed on reserve are here. If you don't see your textbook ask your professor to place a request or reach out to their subject librarian about placing a request. 


Other questions? There is a help box on the left!