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Together Again: Personal Narratives of COVID-19 Uniting the Seton Hall University Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life at Seton Hall as it has for millions of others around the country and the world. In the name of saving lives, the social distancing needed to slow the spread of the virus has scattered us into our homes around the region and the country. Although we are now physically distant from one another, we remain united as Pirates through our connection to Seton Hall.

To reconnect as a community, we seek your stories of what this time has been like for you. How has it changed your experience at Seton Hall, as a student, faculty, staff member, or alum? We hope that sharing these stories with one another will bring us back together in a new way, through sharing our personal experiences of this moment. When we move forward, because there will be a time when we move forward, we plan to listen to these stories together as a community, reflect on what we have learned, and let them guide us into the future.

Questions to guide your response:

● What is your day to day life like? What would you want people the future to know about what life is like for us now?

● What has been most challenging about this time? What do you miss about your life before COVID-19? Are there specific places or things on campus that you miss?

● Essential is a word we are hearing a lot right now. What does essential mean to you? Who is essential? What are we learning about what is essential?

● What is COVID-19 making possible that never existed before? What good do you see coming out of this moment? How can we re-frame this moment as an opportunity?

● What is it you want to remember about this time? What have you learned?

● After this pandemic ends, will things go back to the way they were? What kinds of changes would you like to see? How will you contribute to rebuilding the world? What will you do differently?

Please submit your 1-3 minute audio or video recording to our portal. See below for upload instructions.

With thanks to the scholars and librarians who came together to create this project: Professors Angela Kariotis Kotsonis, Sharon Ince, Marta Deyrup, Lisa DeLuca, and Alan Delozier, Technical Services Archivist Sheridan Sayles and Assistant Deans Elizabeth Leonard and Sarah Ponichtera.