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Library Services & Support due to COVID-19

How to submit your personal narrative to the COVID-19 Repository

1. Go to the COVID-19 page in the repository

2. Select “Submit Contribution” on the left side of the page, under the “Author Corner” heading.

 Personal Narratives of COVID-19 Page



3. You will be taken to a login screen. If you have never used the eRepository before, please Create a new account. Otherwise, please log in.

 Erepository Login Page

4. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to review the Submission Agreement. You must give your consent before proceeding to the next page.

 Submission Agreement Page




5. You will now be on the submission page; see the image of the top half of the page below. You need to fill in the following information:

  1. Title: What do you want to call this story?
  2. Names: How would you like to be identified? (Note: this field may have been autofilled using your login data).
  3. University Affiliation: Please select an option from the drop down box that is most appropriate. If you are an undergraduate student, please also select your anticipated graduation year.
  4. Keywords: Please add three to six words that you feel describe your submission. What descriptors or “tags” would you add to this project so your story could be found?
  5. Location: Please add the location where the story took place.
  6. Recording Date: Please enter the date that you made the recording.
  7. Submitted Date: Please enter today’s date (the date you are submitting the project).
  8. Document Type: Select if you are submitting an audio or video file.
  9. Upload file: Please select “upload file from your computer” and upload your file.
  10. Cover image: If you have an image of your own making (photograph or drawing) that you feel represents what you have contributed, please select “Upload a cover image” then Select “Choose File” and add an image file. PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, the repository cannot accept copyrighted images. Therefore, please use only open source images or your own work. Copyrighted materials will be removed from your entry. For more information, see  or contact Thank you for understanding.
  11. Submit- Please select this only once.



 Screenshot of Submission Page containing text boxes asking for locations(s) story took place, recording date, date submitted, document type, and and button to upload a file.


6. You are done! Thank you for your submission.