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Book Recommendations from the University Libraries Collection

South Orange, New Jersey was once home to the Munsee Lenape Tribe who were some of the first indigenous people to meet the colonizers as they arrived in the Americas. Acknowledging the land that we are occupying is a call to action made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in its "94 Calls to Action," which can be read in the article at CBC News. Although the Munsee Lenape Tribe hail from the southern New Jersey and Hudson River Valley areas of the Northeast, these tribes can be found in Oklahoma and Kansas. You can learn more about this tribe at their website.

In 1990, November was designated National Native American Heritage Month. This month is also known under new variant names such as Native American Heritage Month and National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month as well. This booklist is an introduction to the vast cultural traditions and heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. 

To learn more about this month, information is available at the Native American Heritage Month Website.