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Catholic Studies: Primary Sources and Special Collections

This guide is designed to aid researchers who focus on Catholic Studies inquiry with support materials provided via the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center and associated sources.

Monsignor James C. Turro Library

The followng information will provide the researcher with leads on reviewing and accessing archival resources from the Monsignor James C. Turro Library located within the Immaculate Conception Seminary.  Included within this set of materials are a number of invaluable books and documents that allow for relevant research via this information center that specializes in a wide and detailed range of works that focus on religious studies.

Rare Bibles from Immaculate Conception Seminary’s Msgr. James C. Turro Library

Each of the information boxes below feature descriptive essays on Rare Bibles from Immaculate Conception Seminary’s Msgr. James C. Turro Library written by Rev. Lawrence B. Porter, Ph.D., Library Director.

An Illustrated Edition of the Clementine Vulgate

This illustrated work was published by the Giunta publishing house of Venice in 1625 and follows in the tradition of early Latin, or "Vulgate" versions of the Bible.


Antonio Martini’s Sacra Bibbia secondo la Volgata (1782-1792)

This translation written in fine Tuscan style became the most widely used complete Italian translation of the Bible. It was reprinted numerous times beyond the 18th century.

Bourassé and Janvier’s 1866 Edition of “The Bible of Tours”

This volume printed in 1843 by Father Jean-Jacques Bourassé and Father Pierre Désiré Janvier is the translation of a sixth-century Latin Vulgate manuscript called “The Bible of Tours"

Chippewa Testament

Published in 1833, this is a first edition of the first complete translation of the New Testament into the Chippewa language.






The Welsh-Language Bible and Prayer Book of 1809

This volume is a Welsh translation of the Book of Common Prayer written in the early 19th century.